1. Do your shopping in your target language (shopping list)

    1. Before your next shopping trip, learn 5-10 food items in your target ilanguage and use them when writing our your grocery list! From there, you can keep building your vocabulary by adding new words and expressions week by week once you’ve mastered the previous ones!

      1. Bring!

  2. Find a recipe from the country and re-create it!

    1. Food and culture go together like bread and butter, so why not challenge your taste buds and try out a new dish with AN ADDED TWIST - look up the recipe in the language. This is an awesome way to learn some new words and impress your housemate or hubby with your awesome culinary skills! If you don’t feel like translating every third word, download the plugin Mango Reader which translates any word simply by clicking on it! This will save you a tonne of time so you can enjoy your new creation quicker 😉

  3. Re-create your gym playlist or hustler music with songs in the language.

    1. With platforms like Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud - it’s easier than ever to create a global playlist and effortlessly pick up new vocabulary through the lyrics. Whether you’re looking for some new slow funk or hardstyle to add some variety into your playlist, music has more benefits for your brain thank you might have guessed. It serves as a powerful language learning tool to and allows you to memorise new concepts with ease.Rote learn a list of 30 words or or listen to a catchy song - no doubt you can guess which one has more brain benefits. Watch a music video AND learn vocabulary at the same time on with https://www.linguician.com/en/it/discover/109

  4. Find international friends on HelloTalk

  5. Radio/ Podcast / listen to the news

Inaction is the only thing that stands in the way of success so pick one of these tools and integrate it today!

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