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Hello and welcome to The Busy Linguist! I’m Lina Vasquez, the creator and a proud polyglot, currently learning my eighth language. Languages are my greatest passion in life and have been since I could utter my first words.

Born in Latvia, raised in Australia and now living in Germany - I have always been a daughter of the world. Growing up, I was surrounded by a deeply multicultural environment with a Latvian-Russian speaking mother and Peruvian step-father in one of the most diverse countries in the world.

As a child I had always been extremely inquisitive, looking to learn everything about the world around me. Above all, I was fascinated by the multiple facets of language - how amazing it was to simply switch a language and experience an entirely different world-view. Perhaps it was always that magical feeling of arriving in new place, not knowing a single soul and yet feeling like I belonged because I could communicate with and understand the people around me. In each place, I was a different Lina.

From my many travels I always ensured to learn basic greetings which gave off a positive vibe and in turn, a more intensive travel experience. I would soak these up like a sponge from anyone I encountered from a different culture - if you ever meet me, be ready to face the question "how do you say…in…." multiple times 😉

To me, languages are more than just a hobby, profession or something added on the side to boost my CV.
They form a strong part of who I am and have enabled me to cease some of the most amazing life opportunities imaginable. I have travelled to Asia, Europe and around Australia, studied in two continents, formed friendships with people all around the world and have best friends in the Dominican Republic to Russia, Japan and the United States. 

Multilinguism is not simply a means to an end, but a lifestyle.
My Lifestyle - and the most enriching one you can live in my opinion. Switch between languages and you automatically switch to a different version of YOU. This jump from culture to culture is more fun than you can imagine! 

Through my life-long language experiences I have developed a solid foundation for what works and what doesn’t. My teaching and learning style focuses on active and practical learning – getting excited about the language and its respective culture! My goal is to help busy language learners find engaging methods to connect to the language and fit them into their daily life.

 With a Bachelor of Arts (Languages) from the University of Adelaide along with four years of teaching experience, my passion lies in helping others fulfill their fluency dreams and forming connections all over the globe. If you’re excited to incorporate languages into your daily life, enhance your skills and achieve your goals – allow me to show you the way to learning languages with more fun and more effectivity!

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