Us Latvians have kept our idyllic natural wonders, pristine lagoon forests, and hearty food a secret long enough 😉 I’m not going to lie, the patriotism is there and for good reason. Being tied to the latvian culture is such a privileged experience, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t go earlier.

As you have probably gathered, I was born in the capital city Riga, into a Latvian family Latvian where my first words kurpe, mamma, desa were soon met by a nice English blend when we moved to Australia a few years later. 

Perhaps it is the rarity of our natives, rich cultural heritage or food that warms the soul - I have always been proud to call myself Latvian and to speak a language only known to 1,5 million people worldwide.

Our historical experience has taught us strength, courage and caution. The latvian culture not only resonates those homely feelings of comfort holds a bundle of warm memories I will always cherish. There is perhaps not much I can say about the language other than if you know it or are learning it, you have the key to unlock one of the richest, rarest cultures on the planet. Shaped by its surrounding neighbours and historical ties, those 1,5 million probably entail the most polyglots I know - I kid you not. 

The joy of knowing Latvian is something funnily enough, inexpressible. A culture so inherent to its linguistic roots, it is that which was a key building block to which I contribute my life and my stance today.

With Latvian, you’re jumping into a whole new world. With seven grammatical cases, no articles whatsover, a Latvianised version of every name on the planet, 50% of our language is I’m pretty sure made simply up of idioms that describe situations better than any adjective ever could. The other half - anecdotes about a guy called Janitis, who seems to get into a lot of trouble with his wife. Who knows what would have been, had I remained in Riga, though I don’t think I would have loved Latvia more than I do, growing up with our customs and truly learning to appreciate it from abroad. 

This appreciation of culture via language is not like a skill we acquire nor is it something that is simply given to you. 

It must be lived and experienced to be felt. We drink birch snap in spring, jump over fires and roast sausages in summer, drink home-made pinecone liquor to cure our colds... 

Perhaps it is the strength of its people, warm nature, rich and convoluted history - we are a nation signifying strength, vigor and wisdom - values we can all definitely relate to. I will forever be thankful to my mother and grandmother for blessing me with such a heritage and invite you to take a step into the Latvian world by clicking the link HERE:

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