Less boredom, more learning.
That's how I have always believed language acquisition should be.


Lina is an exemplar of the language learner that I want to be and I think that this is a major component to the renewed energy with which I have approached our lessons. Her own enthusiasm is self-evident. 

I had struggled with case endings for adjectives and Lina explained a core concept to me and that opened a door in my brain and instantly made the subject feel achievable and not this dark art that only linguistic mystics could ever understand. 

The hour lessons go by so fast but Lina is always able to respond to all questions I have even after the lesson!



German B2 Student - UK


Lina is a great teacher. We gave our requirements for learning and she delivers exactly what we need. She planned all the sessions in a connected way for better understanding.

She is very friendly, gives time to learn and correct all our silly doubts. I really liked the way she teaches us mainly by making the complex things simple. 

We don’t have to wait for the class to solve our doubts as we can always approach her anytime on email and WhatsApp for any questions.  



German B1 Student - Germany


Lina is a very thorough and informative instructor. She has a great ability to understand and develop a curriculum that fits your needs, not a set course for everyone.

Lina makes that classes fun and enjoyable. She is able to see when the student is struggling and works through the item with them, always remaining positive.  

Most of all, she will never make you feel incompetent. As someone who speaks several languages, she understands the struggles and will always adjust the class to how you are progressing. My wife and I love working with her and would recommend her to anyone.  


Scott & Andrea

German A2 Students - USA

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